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The Marlborough Mile………what’s it all about then?

The Marlborough Mile………what’s it all about then?

What is the Marlborough Mile?

The Marlborough Mile, when completed, will form roughly a mile long pedestrian walking circuit that will use interactive designs, sculptures, art and landscaping to physically connect a series of pocket parks and key sites in the town centre. At each stop along the way, there will be features that will showcase a key element of the local economy, from aviation and farming to aquaculture and wine-making.  It will also provide a platform to tell our unique history and celebrate our Tangata Whenua.

Why do we need it?

The Marlborough Mile project was conceived in response to this critique and provides an opportunity for Marlburians to re-engage with the town centre in a new way, offering new and different reasons to come to town, while at the same time increasing the visibility of the amazing history, industries, cultural influences that make Marlborough what it is today.

What will it do?

  1. better reflect and celebrate the unique characteristics and identity of the Marlborough Region within the town centre
  2. encourage increased foot traffic and pedestrian activity at (and between) the site locations
  3. provide informal opportunities for activities and socialisation for all ages.

Where will it go?

The five chosen influences for launching the Marlborough Mile Concept, and corres

ponding sites, suggested by the Blenheim Business Association, are:

  1. Viticulture – Bythell Place
  2. Aquaculture – Stadium 2000
  3. Heritage/culture – Riverside Park
  4. Agriculture – Market Place/Forum
  5. Aviation – Adams Place
  6. Sunlight/Climate – Liz Davidson Place

What can you do?

We need your help!  Tell us how you think we can make Blenheim a better place for people. 

Over the next few weeks we will be asking you to share your ideas on how we can transform the Marlborough Mile from a concept into a reality.  A blackboard has been set up outside the old First National building on Market Street where you can go ‘chalk up’ your ideas.  OR, you can head to the Marlborough Mile Facebook page and flick us all your wonderful, weird, creative, ‘out there’ thoughts!

The more input we have from the community, businesses and industry, the greater the ability we will have to deliver something that all Marlburians can be proud of, interact with, and maybe even learn from!


Ma te wa





Blenheim Business Association
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