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Getting to know your local businesses

Getting to know your local businesses

Welcome to the first in our ongoing series ‘Getting to know your local businesses‘.  Over the coming months we will be profiling each of our valued BBA members so that we can all discover a bit more about the businesses in Blenheim CBD, and the people that own/operate them. Thanks to Daniel Adriatico at Creative Intelligence Consulting for being our first volunteer!


Getting to know…….. Daniel Adriatico at Creative Intelligence Consulting



Tell us about yourself and your business: what does your business offer, and how long have you been around?


Australian born, raised is Las Vegas. I have worked in different industries including jewellery, retail, music, entertainment, and technology.  I came to Marlborough 3 years ago via Christchurch to manage sales and marketing for the Evolve Jewellery and Stow Lockets brands. When the company relocated north this year, I opted to remain having been bit by the Blenheim bug. I have always had my consultancy on the side, and now I am keen to get it going in Marlborough.

My company, Creative Intelligence, offers bespoke marketing and strategy consulting and collaboration. Anything from managing and creating marketing campaigns, developing strategy or setting up think tanks to looking at opportunities and threats.


What do you love the most about being in business in Blenheim?


Having all the options of a good life around to remind me of balance. Also, I get a kick out of helping business owners achieve their dreams and take on the world. Blenheim and its region has world recognition in many areas; wine, craft beer, clams and green lip mussels, and jewellery brands. A culture of success breeds success. There’s no reason why Blenheim can’t become a hotbed for the next big things. That excites me.


What is the biggest challenge in running your business?


As a consultant, relatively new to a small population, it would have to be getting out there and becoming a trusted part of the business market.


Is there anything you would like to see in the Blenheim CBD that we don’t have already? (for example in terms of amenities/events etc)


There are pockets of space separated by little streets. I feel sometimes the little roads should be closed off and the areas connected and full of open spaces for dining and business to sprawl. With space you can bring in more amenities and events. What did Al Pacino say? “All things good of this earth flow into the city.” (or might have been Pericles).


Why did you decide to join the Blenheim Business Association, and what is the most valuable thing we could do for you?


I like new. I like change for good. A new organisation that is formed of like minded people who want to make their own businesses, and the businesses around them stronger seems like a smart place to network and learn about Blenheim.


What do you enjoy doing when you get some rare time away from the business?


Golf, Kids. Wife. Basketball. Friends. Wine. Golf. Wife. Chowder at Allan Scott. Painting. Watching the planes above. Cooking. Fishing. Family. Golf. Google Marlborough history. The Sounds. Green Lip mussels. Camping. Market Research. Musics. Golf. Clams. CNN. Stats and analysis. Music. Kids. Xbox. Golf. Wife. Wine. Friends. Laughing. Kids. Cooking. Golf. Wife. Sleep. Dreaming of flying.


A cheeky question to finish up…….if you could have any one superpower, which would you choose and why?


That’s funny. My family asked me the same question and gave me stick for having the only answer out of all of us that didn’t involve physical activity. I chose telekinesis.


For more information about Creative Intelligence Consulting, visit

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