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Getting to know your local businesses……..

Getting to know your local businesses……..

Getting to know……..Tim Griffin from Caci Clinic Blenheim

Tell us about yourself and your business

Tim Griffin, previous 20 years working as a Engineer for Petroleum/Mining Companies.  Spent the last 20 years globe trotting, living where the job required.  Got tired of the profession so decided to make the biggest change I possibly could.

Setting up a CACI Franchise is as bigger leap a I could envisage, CACI is a NZ known brand, with expertise in Skin Appearance medicine, leaders of technological advances both with the treatments/programmes and the retail products offered.

What do you love the most about being in business in Blenheim?

Just moved to Blenheim, but I’m a keen mountain biker, and a wine connoisseur (used very loosely!)

What is the biggest challenge in running your business?

Patience, everything is new to me, so just have to trust the procedure.  It’s a big shift from the business I’ve done in the past.  Change of industry, new challenges, new town, new market.

Is there anything you would like to see in Blenheim CBD that we don’t have already? 

I have not had an opportunity yet to enjoy and explore the region yet.

Why did you decide to join the Blenheim Business Association, and what is the most valuable thing we could do for you?

Networking and meeting people is not easy, everyone has their own life and people are generally really busy, so to join BBA is a no brainer to let people know who and what I am about, hopefully meet some people with similar hobbies.

What do you enjoy doing when you get some rare time away from the business?

I really enjoy my mountain biking, not so much the grind up the hill, but definitely the thrill of coming down, I like food and wine and will spend a bit of time enjoying those delights.

A cheeky question to finish up…….if you could have any one superpower, which would you choose and why?

Nice one, how do I know I don’t already……….I definitely know I wouldn’t want to be able to see anything into the future where would the fun of existence be then…. kinda like superman would be cool..

Without the outfit.


you can find out more about Caci here

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