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Marlborough Mile gets underway

Marlborough Mile gets underway

The BBA‘s flagship project ‘The Marlborough Mile‘ is set to become a reality with interactive installations/designs at six sites around the town centre.   ‘The Marlborough Mile‘ will be a way of telling our region’s unique stories through a series of stopping points in a mile-long walk around Blenheim’s CBD.  At each stop along the way, there will be an installation/design that will showcase a key element of our local economy, from aviation and farming to aquaculture and wine-making.  A way of telling Marlborough’s wider sotry within the CBD. 


The BBA is now looking for “cool ideas” on how the region should can best showcase our key industries, and our History & Culture.  We have a massive chalkboard for the job. A 1.2-metre blackboard has been set up outside the old First National Building to allow the public to write up ideas for each of the six stopping points on the Marlborough Mile concept.  A different question will be asked each week for six weeks……..this week we’re talking Sunlight and Climate.

Come on down and add your ideas to the board, or like our Facebook page and add your suggestions there!




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